Anaheim Bakery

We would like to take a moment to introduce our newest addition to the family: Master Baker, Salvatore Mangiafreno. Sal currently makes every piece of bread that we have on the premises and we are extremely proud and honored to have him with us. So, we invite you to meet him:

I am a baker. It is as simple as that. I bake because I cannot imagine anything I would rather be doing. I bake from my heart and am proud of every piece of bread that comes out of my oven.

I was born and raised in Astoria, Queens where my family taught me to bake at 8 years old in our bakery, Angelo & Sons. A few years ago, I decided to move to California and show the west how traditional Italian bread is made in New York. People say that it is the water that makes the dough in New York so much better but, really, it’s the technique that has to be right. I have brought that technique and knowledge here to Cortina’s and want to share that with all of our customers. As a Master Baker you have to be a sort of chemist. You have to know your equipment, your ingredients, temperatures, timing and mixing and turn it into a science. Every baker has his or her own style and I invite you to come see for yourself. Try my Cortina Long bread. It is made like an Artisan Sicilian loaf with a crispy crust and soft and dense inside. I enjoy baking up different recipes and specials like focaccias and bagels so look out for them the next time you are in!

Every loaf of bread and every roll I make is hand crafted the old fashioned way but made even better by the ability to retard the dough in a cooler for 24 hours prior to baking. This aging of the dough overnight ensures quality, taste, texture and freshness. That is what sets us apart from the rest. I begin baking at 6am every day so that the bread is always hot when the market opens and the bread does not sit out overnight after baking like many other bakeries. As a result, you can be sure that every piece of bread has been baked in the last hour.

I bake bread my way so you can be sure you will find nothing like it anywhere else. I invite you to come in and see what I am talking about.

And in the words of my good friend Elvis,

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Salvatore A. Mangiafreno “The Bread King of Queens”